Bill Hinzman – Zombie, Ghoul, & Friend.

Bill Hinzman passed away today.

He was best known as the iconic image of George Romero’s classic zombie in Night of the Living Dead.  As he chases Barbara, played by Judith O’Dea, through a cemetery, little did he know that he would be the model for all slow-moving zombie movies from that moment on.

Bill was a good person and great with his fans.

It is going to be very odd going to a horror convention and not seeing his face covered in zombie make-up and posing for pictures for the crowd.

Bill, you will be missed.

Scott William Hinzman (October 24, 1936 – February 5, 2012) R.I.P.

(here is a photo of Bill Hinzman & I at Spooky Empire’s Screamfest in Orlando back in 2007)

(Here is that iconic scene of Bill chasing Judith O’Dea)


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