Episode 112 – Cult Cinema Cornucopia

In this podcast we wanted to bring in some help in discussing bad movie, cult cinema and all that is exploitative, so Jim from the “Bad Movie Podcast” decided to give us a hand.

Check out this list: Riki Oh, Omega Man, Caveman, Ice Pirates, Star Crash, Hawk the Slayer, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Django, Kill and Kill Again, Crippled Masters, Demon Wind, Season of the Witch, Space Truckers, Day Breakers, Priest, Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train and much more.

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  1. MovieViewerMan

    Julianne Moore is going to play Carrie’s mother in the new film, not Judy Greer.

    Caveman is great, don’t pretend that it isn’t. Ringo rocks!

    1. admin

      I heard Judy Greer was going to play her mother, but I like that Moore, more…wait…Moore more?

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