Episode 121 – The Mayan Wrath

2012 has come and gone and we are still here.  May the Mayans strike us all down in 2013, but for now, you have Movie Brain Rot to keep you busy.

This episode talks about upcoming movies in 2013 and some geek-related nerd-nipple twists of 2012.

So, hide your mp3 players at work and try not to doze off while driving, because it’s podcast time.

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  1. Cameron Meier

    Wow, this could be titled the “Bashing Cameron Meier” episode. Thanks, guys. And for the record, I love many more movies than I hate. I just don’t like all the crappy movies you like, Garrett. (Love you. Mean it!) I also feel the need to correct another thing you said: I never said Tarantino used tons of CGI. He doesn’t. I said there was digital manipulation with one particular killing, which is actually true. The wire pulling the actress backwards was erased digitally. Unfortunately, in the original review, I made the mistake of saying CGI when I should have said simply “digital manipulation in post.” And I actually found a lot to admire in the movie. I just thought it went totally off the rails in the last 30 minutes.

    Keep up the good work, but get your facts right! Love you guys!

    Cameron Meier

    1. admin

      Now, we want your short film list!!!!

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