Episode 122 – Han Solo Mission

Even after Harrison Ford stated that he rather see the character die then come back for another Star Wars film, he is back as the scruffy-nerf herder, Han Solo.

In this amazing episode, the team at Movie Brain Rot piece together through factual evidence how the new Star Wars film must go.

Also discussed, what 6 movies could be carried over to a television series.

So, laugh it up fuzzball.  It is podcast time.

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  1. Cameron Meier

    Hi, guys. I thought I’d add one more actor to your list of CGI nominees: Brad Pitt for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Let’s not forget that for the first third of that movie, it’s not actually Brad Pitt, but a digital creation based on Brad’s motion-capture performance. The first time we see the real Brad Pitt is when he’s working on the tugboat.

    Cameron Meier

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