Episode 128 – Space Sharks Starring Danny Glover

We have the perfect movie for Asylum Entertainment, and you are on the ground floor of the casting process.  Movie Brain Rot presents, “Space Sharks!”

Don’t worry.  We still have reviews on the flicks like, “Come Out and Play, ” “Robot Jox,” “Rapid Fire,” “Doctor Who and the Daleks,” And “This is the End.”

However, why bore you with that?

Don’t you want to find out what happens when we put Daniel Stern, Clint Howard, and Danny Glover out in space on a mining expedition only to find “Space Sharks” instead of precious mining fuel?

Hell ya, you do.

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1 comment

  1. Cameron Meier

    Another entertaining podcast. As always, I’ve seen a small fraction of the movies you’re talking about. You’re the only podcast I listen to with my Netflix queue open, ready to add films. Favorite comment this time (regarding Liam Neeson making “Taken 3”):
    “How many kids does this guy have?”
    “Just one!”

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