Star Wars May The 4Th Be With You

In honor of Star Wars day,  I have compiled some interesting tidbits.  Let’s take a look at what was, what could have been and what should never have happened.


1) The Kurt Russell Audition

When Star Wars was casting, everyone came out of the wood work to audition.  This included Disney’s hot ticket, Kurt Russell, looking to bust out of his family persona and into some grizzly adult roles. Here is a clip of Kurt Russell auditioning for the role of Han Solo.

2) Did you know that “The Empire Strikes Back” was not the only sequel considered for the Star Wars film?

According to many sources close to George Lucas, there was a back-up plan in case they did not score big at the box office with the first Star Wars film.  This script was called “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye,” and featured Leia and Luke stranded on a swamp planet.  When the idea was scrapped, they turned it into a novel. Splinter_of_the_Minds_Eye2Although this concept never materialized, it has made it into the expanded universe.  You can also read it as a comic book from Dark Horse. splinter_of_the_minds_eye3) Star Wars Land

I know some folks are not happy with Disney taking over the rights of the Star Wars properties, but this has been in the works for a long time. Over at “Disney and More,” I read an article talking about conceptual art for Disneyland Paris called “Star Wars Land.” You really need to take the time out of your day and visit what could have been.  As you can see from the photo below, Space Mountain is actually a dome that looks like the Deathstar. starwarslandClick here for more info “Disney And More

4) Star Wars Rides

In the same article as “Star Wars Land,”  they talk of concepts for a future project and a shelved concept ride.  In one concept, you are in a Tie Fighter with a gun to shoot.  This would work much like the Buzz Lightyear attraction in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. starrideAgain, I suggest you go over to disneyandmore.blogspot.com to see all the photos and a very interesting track.

5) Star Wars Rip Off Movies

After the success of Star Wars, other countries wanted in on the popularity.   Star Wars not only an American pop icon, but it was also gigantic over seas.  However, there were places like Turkey that had censorship toward Americanized cinema and ripped off music, plot points and even full scenes making there own version of the films. Here is “The Man Who Saved The World,” or as geeks know it, “Turkish Star Wars.”

Don’t worry.  Turkey was not the only country to get in on the fame of Star Wars.  Look at this version of Star Wars that Brazil made with a funky disco beat.

6) The Wookies of Endor

Originally, the final fight scene on Endor in “Return of the Jedi” was suppose to take place on the Chewbacca’s home planet, and feature wookies.

So why did George Lucas decide to go with Ewoks instead of Wookies?

The most common answer is cost.

I am not going to make short jokes here, but I will say that I would rather have seen Chewbacca’s clan take on the Empire instead of  Wicket. chewiewookieewok7) Ewoks Movies

Well if we did not have Ewoks, we would not have the Ewok TV movies, which were awful, but still exciting as a kid to watch.

Here is the “Ewok Adventure” TV movie from 1984


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