Episode 142 – Shirley Jones Ate My Neighbor

…At Times, I do not know if The Asylum company loves us or hates us. We do not hate your crap fest. We inject it into our blood stream like a junky. Yes, you do not make quality films, but you do give us entertaining titles like “Sharknado” and “Asteroid vs Earth.” Hell, sometimes you even make the crap in the box watchable.

On this episode, we explore…no, we dive right into the SYFY original movie and The Asylum production, “Zombie Night.” It stars Anthony Michael Hall, Daryl Hannah and mother f’ing Shirley Jones from the Partridge Family. Yes, that Shirley Jones.

I cannot tell you what comes next, but it involves Star Wars, Snowpiercer and a big bucket of Uwe Boll.

Stay Tuned for bonus material at the end.

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