Episode 145 – A Sinful Dwarf Is Full Of Sin

Who is the next to die on “The Walking Dead”?

We have an odds on favorite to bite the big one.

We also explore the 1973 Norwegian dwarfsploitation film, “The Sinful Dwarf,” talk about Gordon and Bullock’s relationship on Gotham, and talk about the endless Asylum zombie TV show on Syfy, “Z Nation.”


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  1. Cameron Meier

    I’m glad our “Sinful Dwarf” conversation could inspire another great podcast. But let me throw out a much better (and non-pornographic) B-movie for your consideration: Roger Corman’s “X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes.”

    1. admin

      That is a great choice for upcoming podcast. Every Corman film should be required viewing for B-movie snobs.

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