Episode 148 – Sony Hacks Reveal Bigger Problems

…A rant, by Jim DeSantis.

The SONY hack has been fodder from entertainment industry, but the wound cuts deeper than that.  However after the dust clears, we are left with the plans from SONY in 2015.  I have big problems with those plans.

Plus, stick around until the end.  There is a tacked on pilot-podcast in the beta stage called “On Tap With” that I think you will enjoy.

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  1. Cameron Meier

    Thanks for bringing your own unique rant to this issue. I too recently ranted about the Sony debacle, but I confined my criticism to their (and the movie theaters’) decision to pull “The Interview.” (See http://www.meiermovies.com/2014/12/17/in-defense-of-the-interview/.) But almost equally disturbing, as you point out, are the slew of bad projects Sony is planning. Although we shouldn’t judge all those titles without the proper information, we can pretty much surmise how bad the sequels or remakes will be. I’m afraid that what we now have in cinema are the same scripts that would have been terrible B-movies in the past being made into A-movies today with the help of huge budgets, over-the-top CGI and, in some cases, A-list stars.

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