Episode 150 – Drug-Inspired Fetus Flick

Sometimes we just shoot the shit.

We have a lot crammed into such a short episode.  We talk Killer Mermaid Movies, I, Frankenstein , The Colony, And Josh Martin’s “Uncomfortable Brunch.”  Yes, Josh thought it would be a killer idea to show a flick about a drug addict’s out-of-body experience and witness a dead fetus.  So, yes, I suggest the film “Enter The Void” to everyone.


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  1. Adam Rutkowski

    I’m so glad you mentioned STRETCH! I was mentioning it as a fun little romp/comedy of errors. I, Frankenstein has been 86’d from mention during our podcast since our initial vitriolic and mutual disgust.

    I love the show!

    Adam of Cult Following

    1. admin

      Thanks for the support.

      Yes, the “I, Frankenstein” debacle. It is a real shame, because that film could have really been fun if they too the DC comic book approach with it. However, instead we got a hot Frankenstein who wore blue jeans. I will take any version over this one.

  2. Adam Rutkowski

    “A Serbian Film” is the MOST depraved film I have EVER seen. Nothing even close to Human Centipede or Visitor Q.

    1. admin

      Thanks for listening. I have yet to see “Serbian Film.” I have the most disgusting things about it. I need to check it out though.

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