Films Without Filters S1E03 – Fright Night (1985)

Welcome to the experiment.

During this 10-part podcast, Jim and Jen team up to dissect different films from another era to see how they hold up in the world we live in today.  At one time, they were perceived as relevant, pop-culture hits when they graced the screen.  While Jen checks off some movies she has never watched before, Jim vows to view them without his nostalgic filter and with a fresh perspective.  Tune in to see if they still stand the test of time!

You can reach Jen on Twitter @MBRmaven and Jim @MOVIEBRAINROT.

Email the show at moviebrainrot@gmail.com.

In this episode of “Films Without Filters,”  Jim and Jen tackle “Fright Night.”  So, Charlie Brewster is living next door to a vampire, and it may cost him his virgin girlfriend.  If only Peter Vincent could save him then truly. 

Does “Fright Night” stand the test of time?


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