Episode 157 – With Ivan Djurovic

— Usually, Garrett and I sit in on the podcast and complain about what is wrong with film, but that day is not today.  Instead we are giving you a conversation with a writer, producer, actor and oh, did I mention suit actor, Ivan Djurovic.

Fresh off his performance as Kifo the lovable gorilla in the Asylum released movie, “Zoombies.”  We go deep into what it is like to be a actor carrying the weight of an often heavy and uncomfortable suit and yet still, bringing those characters to life.

We also talk about his upcoming film, “It Watches” due out this year.

So, clean out your earholes. It’s Movie Brain Rot!

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  1. Cameron Meier

    “The best interview we’ve ever done!” says Garrett. Congrats, guys!

    1. admin

      Garrett is our best review of the show.

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