D.C. Shorts: Showcase 6 – Slightly Sexy With a Side of Swag

Showcase 6: Slightly Sexy

September 14, 2016

Yesterday evening was Movie Brain Rot’s first foray into the D.C. Shorts Film Festival & Screenplay Competition.  E Street Cinema is the main venue for the film festival, and we have always wanted to check out this nifty theatre known for playing foreign and independent films.

E Street Cinema

The late program we attended was titled Showcase 6: Slightly Sexy and embraced various provocative themes.  Although several films ranged from the sensual to the serious, some broached the topic in a more playful, lighthearted manner.  A couple of the shorts could be stronger with minor editing, however they all set the tone for an entertaining evening.


Showcase 6: Slightly Sexy

The program for Showcase 6: Slightly Sexy

Here are some highlights from Showcase 6: Slightly Sexy:

  • Reset – Can an android fall in love?  In this slightly eerie sci-fi short, the dynamic between a female robot and her wealthy owner changes when a (human) woman enters the picture.

  • Love is Blind – a humorous, cleverly scripted short involving a love affair that ends abruptly when Alice’s husband returns home early.  She is then forced to find creative ways to get her lover out of the house before her unsuspecting deaf husband discovers him.

  • Hope – As longtime friends Sonia and Hicham prepare to get married, a secret about their relationship unfolds against the backdrop of a reserved Moroccan culture.  The final film in the shorts package, the twist leaves an impact.

 For more information, visit http://festival.dcshorts.com/screening_category/showcase-6/.

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