Coffee Shops Visited In 2017

Coffee Shops Visited in 2017

Because my job takes me up and down the East coast, I have the chance to experience a city’s true vibe. That is why I keep notes on my phone about coffee shops that I visit.  Here are a few that I visited in 2017 that deserve being noted.

  • Dynamite Roasting Company, Black Mountain NC –  https://www.dynamiteroasting.com/  – A hearty roast and a fun vinyl collection that you can spin for the other guests. Who doesn’t want to guest DJ and drink some good java in the process? This is sort of in the middle of nowhere, but it is on the way to some pretty big Grocery chains home offices, so it is a salesperson’s dream spot with wifi.
  • Triology, Deland FL – https://trilogycoffee.com/ –  I really enjoyed the cold brew and atmosphere. Located in beautiful downtown Deland.  I love this town just outside of Orlando.  It has an interesting mix of people and some great little food spots.  Drink your cold brew and just get lost here.
  • Carnegie Coffee, Pittsburgh PA – https://www.carnegiecoffeecompany.com/ – The coffee is just all right, but I love the atmosphere. This is an old post office that they re-purposed into a coffee/meeting spot.  It has a lot of little nooks to hide in, escape people and noisy neighbors.
  • Geeksboro, Greensboro NC  – https://www.geeksboro.com/ – There is a really-fun geek-pop-culture scene happening in North Carolina. This is a geek safe spot. Gamers are sprawled out yelling about what card to cast, they are screening episodes of Twin Peaks on the TVs, and they have retro video games everywhere. Don’t get me wrong.  The coffee is not the best, but we are talking coffee shops here, and this is one of my favorites. Each coffee comes with a different emoji sticker to anoint this as top-geek in all the land.
  • Cimarron, Bridgeway CO – https://www.cimarronroasters.com/ – This is an old mining town located in the mountains of Colorado.  At first glance, you may miss this town when driving by, but my wife and I are all about exploring these quaint towns.  Voted 3rd best dark roast in the country for 2015 & 2016. The town often throws little picnics in the adjacent park.  If you can handle the altitude and you are into mountain biking, hiking or just passing through, stop and smell those beans.
  • Panther Coffee, Miami Art District FL – http://www.panthercoffee.com/ – In my honest opinion, this is the best coffee in the US. Yes, I have tried Stumptown. However, this place has an open-roasting policy.  They even invite other coffee distributors in for events and are always open to answer questions someone has.  I love the pour-over.  There are a few locations, but my favorite is the one in the Art District.  You can work outside or just sip your brew and check out some amazing street art.  If you are in Florida, I say this is a must for you bean heads.
  • Houndstooth Coffee, Austin TX –  https://www.houndstoothcoffee.com/ – Austin has a lot of fun spots to snack down on a taco or see a weird flick, but you can put coffee in this mix as well. They have different pour-over techniques. I was a fan of the Japanese pour over ice. Can I nerd out for a minute? They pour the hot water down the middle and wall-wash on the sides. It is strong and smooth. Give it a try the next time you are on your way to SXSW.
  • The Kookaburra, St Augustine FL – https://thekookaburracoffee.com/ – They have three locations, and all are fine. However, my wife and I like the original, tiny spot in downtown historic St. Augustine.  They have an Australian theme complete with meat pies. I suggest the hot chocolate when looking at the beautiful, white-light displays around the holidays.  There is no a place to really sit inside, but you really want to see the sites anyway.
  • Vespr Coffeebar, Orlando FL – http://thevespr.com/ – UCF went undefeated last year, but they have another reason to boast. They have a coffee spot willing to mix up the norm of how we drink coffee.  You have your traditional coffee choices, but I like their rotating menu of unique coffee concoctions.  For instance, they had a take on old fashion made with simple syrup, cold coffee and garnished with a candied orange slice.  It is across from the always-crowded Waterford Lakes shopping plaza, but it is worth the trip.
  • All Saints Café, Tallahassee FL – https://www.facebook.com/allsaintscafe/ – If you are looking for a calm place to drink a relaxing cup, this is an okay spot.  However, if you just want to pour caffeine into your body and drive away the evil voices, this is also your spot.  Inside is a more traditional feel with interesting art choices and FSU students trying to cram for some exam.  Outside is filled with good talk and graffiti-painted walls.  The students love it.


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