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Collection of short films that deserve to be seen in company of drunk friends and late at night.


Cargo (2013) 7 Mins Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter. Director: Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke   Box Room (2014) 15:28 Mins A young boy discovers a vagina growing in his bedroom wall. He has …

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Happy Thanksgiving – Good Table Manners

Let’s not forget the little things this Thanksgiving like future versions of yourself coming back to tell you not chew with your mouth open. Here is a video from the vault from Coronet Instructional Films teaching kids “Good Table Manners.” Please refrain from screaming at Chuck. Enjoy! Follow us on Twitter @Moviebrainrot  

Santa Claus (vs the Devil) – 1959 Mexico

If you want to see traditional holiday fare, look elsewhere. If you want see a trippy escape to the North Pole where a Mexican Santa is pitted against the forces of evil including the Devil himself, hit the play button immediately. High up in the North Pole, Santa checks on the good boys and girls …

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Recorded Live (1975) 8 mins

Does anyone remember the days of HBO when they did not have enough content to fill between movies.  This short film was created in 1975, but it made its way on HBO in the early 80s. This is from the writer of the film, “Tremors.” Plot: The movie involves a man who attends a job …

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